Sunday Morning Schedule
9:45 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Worship Services
Wednesday Schedule
6:45 AM Hebrew Study
5:00 PM JAM Jr Chimes/JAM Choir
5:30 PM JAM Jr Choir/JAM Handbells
6:00 PM Fellowship Dinner
6:30 PM Adult/JAM/JAM Jr Programs
7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir and Adult Handbells
7:00 PM Youth Devotion
Thursday Schedule
2:00 PM Craft Circle



First Presbyterian Church of Dunn is a community of people seeking together to be the best disciples of Jesus Christ that we can be—- working to love God together with all our hearts, our minds, our strength and our soul, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
If you are looking for a church home for yourself or your family, we hope you’ll come join us at 11:00 AM every Sunday Mornings for our traditional worship service, or join us on Wednesday nights during the school year for our weekly fellowship dinners & programs, including activities for children, youth and adults. We nursery care on both Wednesday and Sunday Mornings for our youngest children. We also have a variety of events and program throughout the year for fellowship to one another, mission & service to God and our community, and
We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), which means we practice our faith in the Reformed tradition of Christianity. If you’re interested in learning more about what that means, you can read more below.
We believe that in Christ we belong to God and we also belong to each other. If you are looking for a place to belong and grow in your faith, we hope you’ll join us soon!
Peace and Grace
Rev. Howard Dudley
What to expect
We worship every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM in a traditional reformed worship service using liturgy, a choir and an organ. In the reformed tradition, we believe that worship is suppose to be an experience of transformation. In worship we give thanks to God, we marvel at the glory of God’s creation, we admit that we are sinners before God and one another, we hear the promises of God’s salvation proclaimed and we are sent back out into the world to serve and glorify God in all that we do.
If you join us on Sunday morning for worship you can expect hymns, communal times of prayer, readings from scripture, and of course a sermon. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once every other month.
What is a Presbyterian?
Presbyterians are Christians who are part of the reformed protestant tradition of Christianity that developed out of the reformation of the 16th century. Just like most Christians in one God in three persons—- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we believe in Jesus Christ, both fully God and fully human, and that was crucified and risen, and we believe the Bible is our measure of what it means to be faithful to Jesus Christ. Here are a few of the big ideas that shapes what it means to be Presbyterian:
No one is perfect—- we’re all sinners and we all make mistakes. We are all sinners who fall short of the life that God created us to live. We’re all sinners, we all make mistakes, none of us have all the answers, and we can’t fix all that is wrong with our world on our own.
We belong to God, and only the grace of God alone. We believe that we belong to God, and not because of anything we’ve done or because we’re special in some way, but because God has claimed us despite the fact that we are sinners.
Just as we belong to God, we also belong to one another. God has given us one another so that we can live out our faith together, serving one another, caring for one another, and discerning together what God calls us to be do as God’s children.
God calls us to work for the reconciliation of the world. Because we know that we aren’t perfect, God calls us forgive those who’ve wronged us and seek forgiveness from those we’ve wronged. Because we know that God has claimed us, we are called to serve and give to those who are in need out of gratitude for the ways God has served and given to us.